Meetion MT-K300 Standard USB Wired Keyboard

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Model: MT-K300 Color: BlackCable length: 1.80±0.01m Dimension: 432*129*28.5mm No.of keys: 104/105 Weight: 425±5g Interface: USB Compatible Systems : Win XP/Vista/7/8/10/11/MAC OS


K300 USB standard wired keyboard, key-silent design, gives you a comfortable experience, adopts ergonomic design, and the character surface adopts UV printing process, which can meet the needs of business office, greatly improve operation efficiency, and ensure longer service life. Comfortable mute buttons, whether in a quiet office, studying in the library, or working late at night, will create a comfortable environment for you. Suitable for office, home, outdoor leisure and entertainment, etc., it can easily cope with many occasions, and the comfortable soft touch coating will make you happy for a long time. With black and white 2 colors to choose from, the standard wire length is 1.5 meters, and the USB interface is plug and play, which can serve you for a long time.

Silent touch

The mute button design makes it feel comfortable, no matter when and where it is used, it will not affect the crowd around it, and it can easily cope with various occasions.

Fashion line elegant shape

The keyboard has smooth and beautiful lines, comfortable touch, elegant appearance, and durable.

Standard full-size keyboard design

The standard 104/105 key position design fully reserves the small keyboard area to meet the input requirements of various office environments.

UV process, long wear life

UV technology is adopted for key characters, which is durable, wear-resistant and has longer service life.

Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic design, can be used for a long time. Classic black and white 2 colors, can well meet your daily needs.

UV process, long wear life
UV technology is adopted for key characters, which is durable, wear-resistant and has longer service life.

USB Cable
The standard USB cable is 1.8 meters, which can meet the requirements of business office, home and other related places.

Silent touch
The keyboard keys are silently designed, whether in a quiet office,Studying in the library or working late at night will create a comfortable keystroke environment for you.

System compatible
System compatible Win XP/7/8/10/11, Vista, MAC OS.

Plug & Play
The keyboard works autonomously and without the need to install additional software. When connected to a computer via a USB port, you can be up and running in seconds.



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