Meetion MT-BK100 Smart Lighting Tower

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Model: BK100 Color: Black Buttons: 1 switch of touch Dimension: 130*130*320mm Input: USB-Type C Weight: 570±5g Operating Voltage:: 5A Working current: ≤120MA Working frequency: 50Hz Compatible Systems: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 Mac OS

BK100 Smart lighting towers, with RGB backlight design, you can manually adjust the light mode and light speed, perfectly match your gaming keyboard and mouse, highlight the atmosphere, let you be in a colorful world, and provide an immersive experience. The ambient light is equipped with a bracket that can mount headphones, and the one-touch button turns on or off the backlight, which is convenient and quick. Powered by USB-Type C, plug, and play, no driver required. The headphone holder, lamp tube, and base are detachable and easy to carry. The base of the ambient light adds weight and a non-slip rubber pad for optimal stability even during intense gaming. Always keep your headset safe.
RGB backlight
Equipped with RGB background lights to highlight the atmosphere and put you in a colorful world for an immersive experience.
Perfect Desk Accessory
The durable base with added weight and non-slip grips of the gaming headset stand provide optimum stability even during intense gaming, keeping your headphones safe at all times.
USB-Type C interface
USB-Type C powered, plug and play, no driver required.
Touch button
Create a cool game atmosphere. Easily select your favorite color with touch-sensitive switches. The perfect gaming table accessory gift for gamers, men.
RGB backlit
Equipped with RGB background lights to highlight the atmosphere and put you in a colorful world for an immersive experience.
The headphone stand can be disassembled, easy to install and carry.


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